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Tuesday, May 17, 2005



The past few years have brought a fast incline in popularity to the world of MMORPG’s, or massive multiplayer online role-playing games, and along with it a steady rise in what has been dubbed MMORPG addiction. Although the idea of being “addicted” to a video game is nothing new, horror stories of torn families and lost friendships because of online gaming have become scattered across the Internet. This obsession with online gaming has been attributed to a number of causes; many think it is due to the virtual power trip gained from having superiority over others, along with the fact that an MMORPG offers a completely alternate universe, perhaps far away from the problems one may have in their life. Multiplayer gaming offers the chance to become someone wholly different from a person’s real self, thus providing the opportunity for approval and esteem based solely on the amount of time and effort put into the game. Online games like World of Warcraft and Everquest have been the target of blame for causing friends and family to forget everything but the game, and lose all care for family, friends, work or school.
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