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Monday, May 02, 2005


Guild Wars

Turns out that the graphics card not being supported isn't a problem for gameplay, so I went ahead and bought Guild Wars yesterday. So far I really like it. I created an Elementist hero and began playing, The first thing I noticed were the stunning graphics, far better than what i've seen in World of Warcraft. I also noticed that there were some zones where other online players did not exist; when I was on a quest, I soon found out that only members of your party will go into quests with you, which prevents item and kill stealing. The gameplay was also very fast, getting places was fast since after you have gone to a location once you can teleport there from then on. This is really great for people like me that don't have the two hours needed to complete a quest in a normal MMORPG. Also the streaming content made the install a breeze and since I have cable downloading it isn't a problem. There is no monthly fee and, which really rocks since i'm 15 and have little to no money. Instead of a monthly fee NCsoft is supposed to release an expansion every 6-9 months, for the same($50) or lower price and you don't have to buy the expansion to continue playing. I think that this model, that Ncsoft is using will get alot of people especially teenagers into MMORPG's. It got me!!
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