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Monday, May 16, 2005


Nintendo Revolution Release Date

Looks like the Nintendo Revolution will be released in 2006. Coming straight from Nintendo check out the link. Damn. I know that many people are going to but the Xbox 360 just because it will be released this holiday season and they are dying to get a next gen console as soon as possible. Apparently the PS3 will be released along with the Nintendo Revolution. I think that they are releasing so much later than the Xbox 360 since the Xbox 360 is obsolete compared to their systems. Some of the things the article reveled include the size of the next Nintendo system, it will be the size of three DVD cases stacked up, much smaller than the Xbox 360. They also stated that it will be backward compatible and that there will be an online element to it which we already knew. I think that it will have some sort of synergy with the DS, the touch screen possibly?. Hopefully Nintendo will take the extra time to create a superior console.
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