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Saturday, May 07, 2005


Xbox 360

This is the Xbox 360. Engadget has verified that this picture is real. The picture confirms that it will have wireless controllers. Many sources have said that the next gen systems will debut next year;however, recently Bill Gates has stated that the Xbox 360 will debut this year, most likely in time for the holiday season. The other systems will probably debut around the same time. Personally I don't think this console screams "NEXT GEN". In my opinion the Xbox doesn't have a chance in the next console fight. I'm personally leaning towards the next Nintendo system, they have taken some interesting patents. Some sources are saying that the Nintendo will also have wireless controllers and will have Wi-Fi out of the box with free online play. I think that the Nintendo DS was a foreshadowing of the Nintendo systems controllers, they might have touch screens. One of the most interesting patents they took involves perspective in a game and being able to see everything in the game world at once, sounds like there will be some sort of special 3D rendering. Not much is known about the PS3 currently, Sony has kept things pretty hush-hush. Well the Xbox 360 will be unveiled on May 12 on MTV at 9:30 for all those in the US, and the Nintendo Revolution and PS3 will be unveiled at E3 a week later.
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