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Sunday, July 17, 2005


FreeBSD vs. Linux

Alright, we are going to order the server today, and I have a decision to make when it comes. Whether to run FreeBSD or some form of Linux. FreeBSD which is based on Unix from Berkeley, is supposed to be able to handle more of a load yahoo uses FreeBSD on their servers, however I am unfamiliar with it, but I'm sure there are many resources on the internet to get me up to speed. Linux runs 20-30% slower that FreeBSD under the same load, which is a big minus since my dad wanted to run a lot of services and WebLogic stuff, but I am more familiar with Linux, I was dual booting Windows and Suse for a while. I'm leaning towards FreeBSD, since I'm not opposed to learning new stuff, and it is obviously is better performance wise. Also if I was ever asked to set up a business server, I would be able to do it properly. Well I guess either way it's free!. It's absurd how much the enterprise license cost, even for Suse its about $350, and you don't really need it to run a webserver, FreeBSD would do the job as well if not better. Good thing I did some research before buying, got to upgrade the server instead of wasting it on a pricey license. I'll post the specs for the server when we order it.
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