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Sunday, July 17, 2005


New Gizmo a Skype Killer?

There's a new, aptly named VoIP 'Gizmo on the Internet, setting out to compete with the phenomenally successful Skype. Skype CEO isn't concerned. I don't know about it killing Skype, but if you want to do a podcast using a free VOIP program, gizmo beats skype out right, it seem simple to get a adoesn't add an echo, also if you want to do a roundtable discussion, skype limits you to 5 people. Gizmo, on the other hand has a built in recording feature, which will record your call and place the mp3 file on your desktop. Also it's conference call feature supports unlimited users! This might even be a good alternative to a teamspeak server for gaming. I play Warcraft III, me and my buddies use skype for gaming, but we never have more than 4 people so the confrence limit doesnt matter to us, but for games like Counterstrike, or larger scale games, gizmo could be useful.
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