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Monday, July 18, 2005


Technology By Teens Podcast

I did a practive podcast today, to test out some audio recording tools, I looked at Podproducer, CastBlaster, and Audacity. CastBlaster didn't work, it just burnt up in flames and died on me, so screw that. I tried podproducer, but the audio quality was kinda bad when i used that for some reason, but I like the buttons for audio effects. Overall I think I liked audacity best, by far it had the best audio quality. But it was slightly more difficult to insert audio not much harder, but it has good affects, like the fade in and fade out. One thing I noticed, is that i figured it would get boring real fast, if I did it alone and it's not much fun to do it alone either, my friends aren't really as interested in technology, I have a few gamer friends, and one or two that program, so yeah I'll have to see should be fun. My dad is ordering the server today, should come later this week, and should take another couple days to set it up, and get the new website going, so I might just throw a few solo podcasts out there until then and just see how it goes.

(I'm not releasing the practice)
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