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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Why VoIP is a Smart Choice

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, the routing of a voice conversation over the internet. VoIP simply allows you to use the internet to talk on the phone. You may be wondering, why VoIP? I already have a phone line, so what if I can use the internet to call and talk with people?

There are many advantages to using VoIP Broadband for phone calls. One is the cost. In general, VoIP phone services cost far less than a traditional phone line. Another big plus is that VoIP to VoIP phone calls are free which means that the sooner everyone begins to use this service the cheaper everyone’s phone bill will be.

There are also benefits when it comes to the functionality of VoIP phones. For starters, you can connect to the VoIP network regardless of where you are as long as you have a high speed internet connection. This means if you go on vacation you can bring your phone with you and connect to the internet to accept incoming calls on your regular number at the same rates as if you were home, no matter where in the world you are.

Another advantage is that there are free phone numbers available for VoIP use in the US, UK, and other countries. Call center agents with a VoIP phone can work from anywhere as long as they have a high speed internet connection. Along with all this, VoIP gives you lots of extra services for free, where regular phone companies would charge you such as 3-way calling, automatic redial, call forwarding and etc.

This is why VoIP is a smart choice and has been taking the world by storm recently.

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